Voice Loggers

cross-channel recording & management


Increasingly most business transactions take place over the telephone. Chances are promises being broken and made, In order to take care of the uncertainty in day-to-day business activity are routinely recording telephone conversation using Voice Logger.

Cross-Channel Recording & Management Diverse business vertical requires logger for multiple function which help them have the recorded version of their interaction in audio files. Techsoft’s Voice Logger records multiple channel of telephone calls. It helps organizations to monitor, retrieve, review, analyze and achieve real time verification of telephone conversation at ease.

Multiple needs for recording and monitoring calls

Quality monitoring recording: Random, automated voice logging enabling call center managers to assess their quality of service and employ call center quality monitoring applications and processes to improve it.

Interaction based recording: Voice loggers are most often used by emergency services, such as the 911 system, and other businesses. The recording systems are also used by security organizations and private individuals.

Compliance call recording: Highly resistant, secure platform for financial institutions and call centers that require continuous voice logging for regulatory compliance, risk and dispute management purposes.

Techsoft’s Voice logger can record and monitor multiple media – Analog and Digitalin TDM, VOIP environment.
• Voice Logger automatically works for recording calls on GSM/CDMA/P&T lines.
• Available in 2/4/8 configuration upto 64 Lines
• Can be attached with telephone lines directly or through EPABX having Analog/Digital data.

Key features

Unlimited Recording: Automatically record all conversations and keep a track of inbound and outbound interactions between two people for quality assurance with our No-Bar recording.

Search & Retrieve: Data back-up capability: Save all the records regularly. Voice logger will back up all your call and there will be no data loss.

Data Security: Security is key feature of logger. We make sure that the data is secure and only accessible to key member of organizations.

Multiple format:Support multiple type of audio like MP3 or WAV file with best sound quality.

Ease of reporting and viewing: Access voice logs online and create comprehensive reports. Easily manage centralized or distributed agent workforce, and related voice records efficiently from any corner of the world.Real-time Monitoring Support 30 parallel live calls.