Telecom Expense Managemant

a unique approach to maximize your telecommunication savings

TEAMS(Telecom Expenses and Analysis Management Suite)

Telecom Expenses &Analysis Management Suite - A unique approach to maximize your Telecommunication savings.

Telecom Expenses & Analysis, Management solution makes use of the power of intuitive technology and problem-solving analytics to simplify the significance of expenses on Telecom.We transform those scattered data across your organization – contracts, Invoices, Inventory of services, Employee policies, Call data.

Good TEM solution needs to help you achieve below key objectives

Simplify the management of your telecom expenses
Achieve substantial savings
Improve on telecom budget planning
Greater visibility & business intelligence with automation
•Save 20 – 30 % on every billing cycle by automating and standardizing the current infrastructure.
•Optimize the cost and performance of your entire fixed-line voice and data network.
•Lower mobile costs through pool and plan optimization.
•Predict on future telecom budget and its investment strategies.
•Save money at a time of keen analysis of telecommunications costs.
•One solution to take care of necessary engagements.
•Have saved more than 3 million USD and counting for our clients.
•Reallocate personnel to focus on strategic core competencies
•Realize more efficient use of employee time
Service includes
•Centralized database solution for multiple location.
•An integrated solution for voice and data wireless, and Network equipment.(Routers, Switches, PBXs, Bridges) telecommunications orders, inventory, invoices, cost recovery and multi-vendor management.
•Sitewise Admin and super admin module integration at multiple levels.
•AD/ LDAP Integration for single sign-on login.
•Automate the whole of services (Fraud management, Inventory, Bill Management, Audit, compliance and security).
•Increased accuracy in expense tracking and reporting.
•Crack down on network abuse.

We help customers better understand their Telephony expenses and avenues for driving down operational cost. The reporting systems are flexible and can be customized based on client’s requirement. Measurable Return on Investment has been recorded as per our client feedback.