Mobile Bill Validator

get the bills and check the charges


There were times when we used to get the bills and check the charges, with the view to make sure that we are not looted, but this cannot be the approach for organizations where there are thousands of bills to be validated and checked end of every month. As per our research, we found most of the mobile bills of the organization proves to be defective and prone to errors with incorrect charges etc.

Bill validator is a very unique feature where in the any number of bills from the service provider can be validated against the tariff set and any discrepancies with respect to cost, charges and tariff will get highlighted and those details can be sent to a particular email for reconfirmation with service providers

Salient Features

Prevent Fraud
Bill up-loader helps organizations identify the fraud like a correction in tariffs for incorrect charges, helping organizations save revenue by identifying those frauds. Also helps bring in responsiveness and awareness to the service staff.
Validate Bills
It helps us in validate bills irrespective of the format and service provider. It brings the unique capability of checking each record line by line against the tariff and highlighting the incorrect charges.
Cost cutting
Bill Validator helps in identifying the incorrect charges, helps you by highlighting and alerting you the incorrect charges for calls, thus help saving thousands and more for the organization.
Helps you choose best tariff plans
Since validation helps you give the analysis of what is being charged and helps you analyze the best tariff plan suited for your requirement.