IT Consulting & Management

consulting, advisory and project management


Techsoft business services combine our capabilities across multiple verticals Technology Consulting, Advisory and Project Management to provide efficient and reliable end to end business services. Business Services functions at Techsoft are unique which follows a customer centric business metrics.

At Techsoft Consulting, we help organizations take decisions with their challenges. Business todays are evolving at high speed require technology and efficiency to overcome hurdles. We are beinga pioneer in this industry, help organization saves revenue and equip them for future obstacles.

Competitive Edge We help our clients by finding out different ways to strengthen their competencies for being unique in the marketplace. In today’s business world we should dominate and not competing with others already being there. We help them in developing their infrastructure withthe latest and robust technologies which in turn can help them in acquiring more understanding towards their business.

Maintaining your competitive edge Once we have defined the competitive edge, we make sure to maintain the upper hand. We strive to ensure that our client’s products and services are continually solves the customers problem in new ways. By focusing on this goal, we help our clients to from staying ahead of their competitors. Techsoft’s Consulting provides services through six practices

• Process Consultation
• Requirement Analysis
• Resource Utilization Management
• Project Scope & planning
• Project Development & Management
• Risk & Compliance Management

Advisory & Strategy planning management Techsoft helps create strategies by transforming and managing the current organizational infrastructure. We drag our expertise on the table to bring in change for solving the most complex IT challenges. Our services support organization’s IT initiatives by providing strategic, architectural and operational implementation of resources. Our Strategic planning involves a clear definition of objective, a business planning orientation, methods of deriving business objection model and forecasting prototype.

Different levels are involved that formulates assessment of internal and external IT factors. Effective strategic planning articulates not only where an organization is going and the engagements needed to make progress, but also how it will know if it is successful. In addition, we provide Infrastructure Risk Management phases by drilling down into various aspects of architecture, business service model and regulatory compliance requirements. Strategic planning involves various implementation process

• Mission & Vision
• Internal IT Analysis
• Strategy Planning