Hotel Managemant System

software solution for hotel managemant system


HMS – Hotel Management System is an ideal Software solution for Hospitality Industry. It the newest development from Techsoft Technologies. It helps Hospitality industry to have a structured way of organizing their database. We made sure that the technology we buildis reliable, robust and rich in end user experience.

Hotel Management Software Functionality

Hotel Management Systems should have strong reporting capabilities, as well as on-board business functions like accounting and employee scheduling. These features should be customized specifically for the hospitality industry to simplify and speed up your management and accounting processes.

Hotel management software front desk module anywhere has been innovating and testing a new user interface that will pioneer how enterprise systems for the hospitality industry will look and operate. This new user interface, also referred to as UI, will feature a modern look that pulls design queues from current flat design trends and mobile friendly practices.

Modules of Hotel Management System

User Management
1. Dialing and Placing a Call: The system shall allow users to dial and place a call to each other using Soft phones through a PBX over the Network.
2. Logins for user and admin.
3. Provision to change password, to view user logs of all type of users and to create new user.
4. Reports-Viewing user logs
Room Module:
1. Provision for adding rooms, roomtype, rate, tax details etc.
2. Viewing status of every room by floor wise. Viewing status of room with respective guest details.
3. Reports-Viewing status of room with reservation details and guest details.
Guest Module:
1. Storing Guest details and organization details if the guest has reserved from some organization.
2. Maintaing guest history
3. Searching guest from guest History.
4. Advanced Search of Guest details.
Reservation module:
1. Reservation from new guest.
2. Reservation from the guest from guest history.
3. Group reservation for many rooms at a time.
4. Provision to cancel single reservation and multiple reservations.
5. Provision to Extend reservation.