established in 2008


Established in 2008, Techsoft Technologies India Pvt Ltd is a Software Development, IT consulting & Testing company.

In our journey we have specialized some of the major changes that have led to reach out clients all across the globe with our people having 15+ years specializing in various domains.

We pioneered in Telecom software solutions and became one of the top company in Telecom domain. We started with three dedicated people working with innovative ideas and today we are a team of 60 odd which made us as one of the best Telecom Software Solution providers.From day one our focus is CSAT in high esteem and that is our key strength

We deliver solutions for products and services with innovation, with unique product development, multi systems integration, analytics and managed services for the organizations around the world across all major verticals.

Today Techsoft is particularly focused on the development of Software Applications on various integrated platforms and also on managing IT but our key bread and butter solution is still Telecom Expense Management with varied solutions like

Call billing
Authcode Management/FAC Code Management
Telecom Inventory Management and Fraud management and ISP module with Bill validators.