processes the raw data from EPABX systems

ECV Call Billing

ECV stands for E-Call Viewer, an accounting Telecommunication software which processes the raw data from EPABX systems and provide you with detailed analysis on your expenses. EPABX is a device which helps monitor and organize multiple extensions at one place and help you route calls in an automated manner.

The ECV Call Billing solution thus helps you in getting unaligned datainto very interactive reports. We are being a specialist in understanding your telecom needs, we have further arranged into different versions.

ECV Call Billing comes with multiple capabilities:

Accountability: ECV Call Billing solutions help business to analyze the every day’s expenditure and facilitate limited access to resources which can be optimized through analyzing the non-important calls

Security and Compliance: ECV Call Billing solution help facilitate regulatory compliance by providing tools to aggregate, monitor and analyze Telecommunications data in order to correctly track and report expenses. They can be used to enhance corporate accounting practices by documenting fraud-related costs to substantiate telephony-related disputes with the carriers, and they can automate the monitoring of internal communications to improve visibility into sales and financial processes.

Revenue Optimization: ECV Call Billing solution can optimize and aggregate multiple telecom carriers, billing report into a single infrastructure platform allowing your business to provide various combinations of analytical report which thus helps to save unwanted expenses.

Staff Productivity: ECV Call Billing solution can give you the visibility on calling patterns of employees which can be analyzed and track all non-business calling activity. This can bring awareness and responsiveness of the service staff.