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Call Billing & Accounting –Introduction

Optimizing the return on investment for any technology requires understanding its usage and need a detailed analysis on the current and historic trend. Call billing also known as the Call Accounting solution is Telecommunication software which captures, records, calls details and optimizes the cost by providing intelligent and analytical reports.

Understanding the need

As Telecommunication has become the most complex ecosystem and considered to be one of the top five most expenses in many organizations. Sometimes it gets almost impossible to analyze the increasing expenses, People on top positions like Managers, Business Head are realizing the need to get visibility, accountability and control over spend. Studies have shown that 20% of the overall total expenses of Telecom are misused. It’s the right time to stop at us and arrive at the next generation solutions which provide real-time cost effective analysis in no time.

Techsoft’s Call Billing software for Enterprise delivers detailed call records and provide different type of analytical report. Helps organization understand the spending pattern, reduce manual intervention, reduce fraudulent charges and helps you save costs. Accountability should be the prime focus of the organization, where expenses on the bills be audited with the help of technology.