Authcode Managemant

authenticate it by having a restriction to their employee

Authcode/FacCode Management

Every organization requires level of authentication for accessing certain important resource, Telephone also is one of the resource that they look forward to authenticate it by having a restriction to their employee. This can happen for multiple reasons.

• Avoid unwanted telephone usage
• Track of call being made by specific users
• Security of telephone environment
• Avoid Authcode to compromise

AUTHCODE/FACCODE GENERATION: Consider the situation where you have to manually give Authcode/FacCode for thousands of employees, this feature helps you to create Authcode for any number of employees in your organization. A Sagacious feature is introduced in TEAMS for giving levels of privilege to make calls.

**Authcode is pass code or a passkey for users to make calls.

Any department is required to make international calls or he/she is restricted to call only within the network, we have an option for admin to grant him the calling privilege limited to what his/her role demands.